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March 26 2017

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redlipstickresurrected: なば aka Naka (Japanese, based Ibaraki, Japan) - 夏の昼の夢, 2016  Digital Arts

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March 25 2017

Two Decades of South Korean Corner Store Illustrations by Me Kyeoung Lee

Artist Me Kyeoung Lee has spent the last two decades documenting the tiny convenience stores and corner shops that dot the streets of South Korea. She illustrates the stores, which are now quickly disappearing, with a dedication to the small details that make each unique. Mismatched chairs can be seen lined up out front, while tall cherry blossom or persimmon trees shade the buildings’ entrances.

Me Kyeoung Lee draws each of her illustrations with acrylic pens, and chooses to sketch each at noon to avoid the hazy shadows cast by early mornings or late afternoons. You can see more of her illustrated documentation on her website. (via Booooooom, Creative Boom)

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March 24 2017

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March 16 2017

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March 11 2017

Flatland II: A New Series of Dramatically Skewed Photographic Landscapes by Aydin Büyüktas

Turkish digital artist and photographer Aydin Büyüktas continues his dizzying landscape series Flatland with this new collection of collages shot in various locations around the world. Each image requires around 18-20 aerial drone shots which are then stitched together digitally to form sweeping landscapes that curl upward without a visible horizon. As we’ve noted before, Büyüktas found inspiration in a century-old satirical novel titled Flatland about a two-dimensional world inhabited by geometric figures. You can see more from the series on his Facebook page.

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{ mist & colors }

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March 10 2017

March 08 2017

Pedro Rangel, Porto

February 28 2017

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February 21 2017


February 19 2017

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February 18 2017

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June 23 2015

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